Prepurchase examination

A clinical prepurchase examination contains a preliminary examination of the standing horse, a trotting up and an examination under strenuous exercise. A preliminary examination includes the evaluation of body condition, stance, attitude, demeanour and conformation as well as evaluation and palpation of the musculoskeletal system (head, neck, back and limbs) and the feet.

Auscultation of the cardiovascular system will be carried out during preliminary examination and examination under strenuous exercise. In cases of in- or expiratory noises during exercise endoscopy will be advised to examine the larynx. Dental health will be checked to detect any kind of dental abnormalities or inflammations. Eye examination includes external inspection as well as the use of an ophthalmoscope for the ocular fundus.

A standard radiological examination contains 18 radiographs – oxspring view, foot and fetlock lateral of both front feet, fetlock of both hind feet, as well as 3 images of each hock joint and 2 images of each stifle. Very often additional radiographs of the spinal processes, the neck or other angles of the limbs are ordered.

Further specialized techniques include endoscopy, ultrasonography and laboratory examinations (haematology, biochemistry etc.).

Doping tests can be directly analyzed in the lab or stored for 6month.

In case of an export outside the European Union (EU) special laboratory examination are necessary.

Prior to the appointment of a prepurchase examination it should be clearly checked between vendor and vendee who is bearing the expenses.


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