Laryngeal hemiplegia

The term laryngeal hemiplegia is used in horses where a complete left-sided paralysis of the arytenoid is present whereas a partial paralysis is called hemiparesis. This disease is suspected in cases of an abnormal respiratory noise evident at exercise with or without exercise intolerance. Our hospital offers endoscopy of the larynx to confirm the presence of the disease and to determine the severity. According to prior agreement we have the opportunity to offer a dynamic endoscopy, where the movement of the larynx is visible during ridden or longe exercise.

Our spectrum of surgery contains the surgical treatment of laryngeal hemiplegia/hemiparesis. We combine a laryngoplasty to reconstruct the laryngeal lumen in its anatomic position of maximal inspiratory dilatation with a ventriculectomy. After 6 weeks rest the horse should be able to perform without exercise intolerance. Prior to surgery our surgeons will inform you about opportunities and risks of this surgical technique.


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