Equine dentistry is considered to be more and more important in the management of our horses. Regular dental care is essential because problems can be various. The Bargteheide Equine Hospital offers a wide range of modern equipment as oral endoscopy, radiography and scintigraphy to diagnose and treat dental problems.

To allow a thorough oral examination it will be done under sedation with a full mouth speculum, a bright light and a dental mirror. Treatment contains correction of dental overgrowth and other existing dental abnormalities, dental clearing, extraction of wolf, incisor and cheek teeth as well as any kind of fracture repair. Simple fractures of the rostral portion of the mandible, the maxilla, and the incisive bones can be repaired in the standing, sedated horse with a wire. The repair of fractures involving the interdental space extending into the dental arcade with external fixators or dynamic compression plates will require general anaesthesia.

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