Modern neonatal intensive care is also part of our business spectrum. Beside a large amount of orthopedic problems (see orthopedics), internal medicine and surgery are very important fields of activity in the newborn foal.

Our specialized vets and modern diagnostic and therapeutic equipment are available to examine and manage your newborn or neonatal foal. Laboratory testing is carried out in our hospital so that results will immediately be available. Special techniques including ultrasonography and/or radiography might be essential to complete the diagnostic.

We offer conservative and if necessary surgical treatment in cases of umbilical infections, colic (due to gastric ulcers, foal diarrhea, meconium retention, intestinal obstruction or bladder rupture) and infectious lung and/or joint diseases. Congenital abnormalities and inherited disorders can also be a reason for surgery.

Regardless of medical or surgical therapy treatment in foals can be a long and expensive procedure.

For infectious patients we have the opportunity of hospitalization in an isolation stable.

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